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I have a total of 12 video files.
10 of them are encoded in H264/AVC (1280*720) but the remaining two are encoded in H264/AVC (1080*692) format.
I'd like to join the 12 video file into one using a software but it stipulates that I should have the exact same encoding settings for all the video files in order to get merged. I've tried encoding the two last files into 1280*720 but there are tons of small settings that should be identical by all means (Deblock, P-frames, Psy-rd...) but I'm not really expert in this stuff and ended up wasting hours in encoding the video files, to discover at the end, and in every time, that I forgot one of the numerous settings that should be done.
The question is: is there any way that I can convert the two files into H264 (1280*720) with a direct stream copy and with the same settings preset as the others (note that that first 10 files are identical in terms of codec and settings).
If there are any softwares/add-ons, link me up.


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Hi, you are in a french speaking forum, if need help in english, please go to Toms US or UK.
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