i don't detect tv sound when i connect tv to motherboard using HDMI cable

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abdel malek

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Hello, i just bought an HDMI cable and used it to connect my tv to my pc to watch some movies . but since i have only one HDMI port in my gpu (which is used to connect my monitor to my pc) and found another HDMI port in my motherboard i decided to connect it to my tv using this HDMI cable . everything was alright till i was gonna split the sound of tv and monitor using sound mixer options but here i couldn't find my tv so i went in sound panel and my tv sound wasn't even "connected" ..
Capture sound.PNG
i know i can just buy an adapter of "any other port of my gpu" to hdmi but i would prefer if i can just find how to enable the sound of the HDMI in my motherboard or in other words how do i just connect my tv to the motherboard while my monitor is connected to my gpu.

Thanks for your time guys , hope somebody can help me to find a solution to enjoy watching some movies with the familly ^^


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Hi, this is a french speaking forum, please go to tom's UK or US for help in english.
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