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SUMo - 5.17.4 ( Released 2023-04-08 )

0007275: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "Buhl Steuersoftware 2022 by Buhl Data Service GmbH" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007273: [New Feature] Differentiate "ArcGIS Pro" from "ArcGIS" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007270: [Refactoring] "BCWipe" multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0007271: [Bug] Wrong version reported for BCWipe (Kyle_Katarn)
0007272: [Refactoring] "BCWipe Privicy Guard" reported as "BCWipe" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007269: [Refactoring] "pia-openvpn.exe" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007243: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "Brave Portable" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007266: [New Feature] Citrix Worlspace LTSR identification (Kyle_Katarn)
0007259: [Refactoring] "Balena" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0007260: [Refactoring] "AppProtection (64 bits) by Citrix Systems, Inc." to be filtered out (dependancy) (Kyle_Katarn)
0007261: [Refactoring] Company name rationalization for "ElevenClock" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007264: [Refactoring] "Intel® Processor Identification Utility" : Differentiate "legacy" from "normal" (7+) (Kyle_Katarn)
0007265: [Refactoring] Multiple detection for "Intel Processor Identification Utility" (Kyle_Katarn)


Grand Maître
SUMo - 5.17.5 ( Released 2023-04-29 )

0007022: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "NVIDIA Broadcast" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007295: [Refactoring] Lyx installer should be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007294: [Refactoring] "Michael Thummerer Software Design" is now named "MTSD" (company name) (Kyle_Katarn)
0007293: [Refactoring] "WhatsApp (Outdated)" should be detected as "WhatsApp" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007292: [Refactoring] "Viewer for LRF files" to be filtered out (dependancy from Calibre) (Kyle_Katarn)
0007290: [Refactoring] Missing company name for "Camera mouse XXX" (should be "Trustees of Boston College") (Kyle_Katarn)
0007291: [Refactoring] Camera Mouse 2018 - Missing Company Name (Kyle_Katarn)
0007281: [Bug] Calibre does not open Calibre but a part of it (e-reader/book list) (Kyle_Katarn)
0003536: [Refactoring] "Camera Mouse" is "Camera Mouse 2015" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007274: [Refactoring] "AutoHotkey" and "AutoHotkey 2" should be indicated as 2 distinct products (Kyle_Katarn)
0007279: [Bug] Maxima software not detected (Kyle_Katarn)
0007288: [Refactoring] "Hasleo Software" company name rationalization (Kyle_Katarn)
0007277: [Bug] "Hasleo Backup Suite" 3.2, 3.4 wrongly detected as "" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007285: [Bug] "UltraVNC Repeater" not identified correctly (Kyle_Katarn)
0007284: [Refactoring] Some UVNC dependancies to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007283: [Refactoring] Bracket : v2.2.1 reported as legacy 1.14.2 (Kyle_Katarn)
0007280: [Refactoring] Incorrect detection of "Stardock ModernMix by Stardock Corporation v" instead of Start11 (Kyle_Katarn)


Grand Maître
SUMo - 5.17.6 ( Released 2023-05-14 )

0007322: [Refactoring] "Uninstaller program for GoldWave software" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007320: [Refactoring] Wrong version reported for "O&O Defrag Professional" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007321: [Refactoring] "O&O Defrag Professional" reported as "O&O Defrag" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007319: [Refactoring] "O&O Defrag Launcher" to be filtered (Kyle_Katarn)
0007318: [Refactoring] "xxx Offer Installation Tool" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007317: [Refactoring] "WPS Install" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007316: [Refactoring] Missing "build" for "JDownloader (64 bits)" (Kyle_Katarn)
0005927: [Refactoring] Wrong detection for Avira PC Cleaner (Kyle_Katarn)
0007303: [Bug] Avira Product Family (Avira PC Cleaner) showing latest version as (Kyle_Katarn)
0007315: [Refactoring] Avira Security installer to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007307: [Refactoring] RouteConverter "Preview" shall be reported as a distinct product (Kyle_Katarn)
0007302: [Refactoring] FreeFileSync - Filter out RealTimeSync (Kyle_Katarn)
0007301: [Refactoring] NVDA - Multiple detection (Kyle_Katarn)
0007299: [Refactoring] CCleaner - Filter out CCleaner Bug Report (Kyle_Katarn)
0007308: [Refactoring] Remove trailing (x64) and (x86) (Kyle_Katarn)
0007311: [Refactoring] "maintenancetool (64 bits)" to be filtered out (Kyle_Katarn)
0007314: [Refactoring] PDFGear incorrectly detected with missing company name (Kyle_Katarn)
0007313: [Refactoring] Affinity Designer / Photo / Publisher v2 as a separate product (Kyle_Katarn)
0007312: [Bug] "WinPDFEditor" identified as "Edit PDF Easily" (Kyle_Katarn)
0007297: [New Feature] SUMo Online config page whould show Computer Name and uid (in debug mode) (Kyle_Katarn)
0007296: [Refactoring] Wrong company name for "AutoHotkey Script Compiler" (Kyle_Katarn)
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